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The origin of cartrimhome?

In the past, we needed to go to the physical store to buy, the store's product style is limited, very inconvenient, and spend more time.Now, due to the rapid development of the Internet, we just use the phone / computer / ipad to buy favorite things through the Internet, This brings us to a great deal of change and we like this change,proved that society in progress.

On the Internet,the international popular shopping platform has ebay, amazon, aliexpress, wish, they attracted tens of thousands of dealers settled in the platform and occupy most of the share,of course, every day tens of thousands of people to buy things from the shopping platform. However, after years of development, the platform of the policy more and more,shop fees more and more expensive, for the dealer, this is not a good news, so,many dealers are beginning to try an independent foreign trade website, cartrimhome is such a site, there is no high costs and restrictions,we can give customers more concessions,the same price can buy something more than the shopping platform.

Cartrimhome company


HIGH FLYING TRADE CO. LIMITED was lauched in 2012, we are professional at auto decoration and modification parts and accessories, we sell the newest favorite vehicles' chrome shiny trims and modification parts.

We take pride in being a diverse organization. We recognize and respect each other differences and actively work to benefit from these distinctions. We maintain the highest level of professionalism in our interactions while fostering an environment of open, clear, and consistent communication.


What does my cartrimhome have?

1. Cartrimhome have about 4000 product and it is obtained directly from the manufacturer, no other dealer.

2. Websites and ebay shops(cartrimhome) have the same products.

3. The price of the website is more affordable because the site does not require high fees.

4. Cartrimhome no other additional tax, in addition to clearing customs duties (some countries don't need to pay customs duties).

5. Cartrimhome use a variety of currencies to pay, US dollars, Euro, GB pound, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar.

6. Cartrimhome use paypal payment, bank transfer, Western Union payment.

7. Cartrimhome transportation methods include EMS-DPD, DHL, Hong Kong package, China air package.

8. Cartrimhome calculate freight based on the weight of the product.

9. If the product is damaged during transport, or if the product is broken, we will give it a retransmission.

How is cartrimhome?

cartrimhome has been two years, because web site cost is lower than platform, web site can give customers more discounts, so we get the many orders, there are retail, wholesale. Thank you very much for the support of customers.

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